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Ocean View Home Rental with Therapeutic Spa
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Ocean View Home Rental with Therapeutic Spa

Adventures - Eco Tours

As far as Osa Peninsula eco-tours go?  Wow, where to begin? We have the most spectacular wildlife in the world and you can view 100’s of monkeys, birds and wildlife right from the living room and spa area.. Truly the most relaxing and luxurious way to see endangered wildlife up close and personal.  Monkeys and parrots pass through daily.  Basilisk lizards, iguanas and sloths can be seen clinging to the trees. Jesus Christ Lizards bask in early morning light. The Osa Peninsula has fewer tourists, more nature, wildlife, birds and monkeys than anywhere in the world. We’ve counted over 400 monkeys living on our reserve. And these are the “endangered” monkeys. but not here! We have so many of them cruising through, we lost track. See Congo (Howler), Squirrel Monkeys (Titis), White Face, Cara Blanca, Red Lore Parrots, Blue crowned Motmots, Aracari and Chestnut mandible Toucans….without leaving the treehouse.

We’ll help you plan a perfect Costa Rica family vacation, including help with domestic airfare, car rentals, and tours. Rates are perfect for families traveling together and an exceptional choice if you are planning a summer or holiday vacation with your family. Enjoy privacy and seclusion in the rainforest and beach is just a few minutes drive to the beach. All travel help is free of charge for our guests, no additional or marked up rates. Check out these epic tours –

Your travel dollars should support Tico’s and viable eco tourism on The Osa Peninsula. Corcovado Springs is just a 15 minutes-drive north of Puerto Jimenez. Cash machine, airport, restaurants, gift shops, banks ,car rentals and a bunch of monkeys can be found at the seaside restaurants. You won’t want to go home, but in case you do. Visit the gift shops and pick up a few of Michael’s Paintings on the way out.

Tours on the Osa Peninsula are magical. You and your family will marvel at the oddities while you hike on easy trails near Corcovado National Park near Puerto Jimenez.ind restaurants, bank and car rentals. We can help with tour recommendations and offer professionally trained Costa Rican chef serving 2 meals per day. Get a massage or and soak in our jungle mud baths and sauna. Try herbal treatments or meet Maria and her therapeutic horse healers. Visit Indigenous areas and explore the expanse our your imagination.Enjoy our videos and Monkeys too. 800+ Plus and counting

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